What is the 4:30 Psycho Challenge?

Seemingly impossible ideas are called moonshot thinking, and they generally involve huge problems that are solved with radical solutions like 4:30 Psycho after one hardcore, consistent push.

The 4:30 Psycho Challenge is a "lifestyle framework," an agreement to 8 commitments that can turn our moonshot thinking into a reality with our success, fitness, weight, clarity, family, community, relationships, and sleep

I'm not a coach, motivational speaker, or wanna-be guru; I'm your accountability partner who created a lifestyle framework you'd never consider unless it was a challenge. If you accept the challenge, You'll see me every morning at 4:30 am for 30 days when you log your attendance. I hold you accountable to 3 hours of uninterrupted work before your day starts (4:30 to 7:30 am), or 21 hours a week, to implement Moonshot ideas and have plenty of time for work or school and the rest of our commitments.

Everything you need is FREE, including our 7-day-a-week YouTube live accountability session (4:30 to 4:40 am EST), a downloadable 30-day workbook, and our attendance & progress tracker (desktop & mobile). We have a book/workbook on Amazon if you want to memorialize your efforts.

We adjust your hours, reallocate your time, backfill the openings with the eight commitments and begin your transformation. I'm in year 5 starting my day at 4:30am and psyched to build a community of those turning our moonshot thoughts into reality.

If you practice a religion, please maintain it as a priority in your life during this challenge. 

You must perform these EIGHT commitments daily for 30 days.

Commitment #1 - 4:30 am
Log attendance each day AT 4:30 am
Each morning, clock into our attendance & progress tracker. The link can be found at YouTube.com/@430psycho, and if you like, watch and/or participate in the morning accountability call. If you want to skip the live call and just track & timestamp your login, do it at 430psychotracker.com. Do either by 4:30 am and work on your weekly and monthly moonshot ideas or "life changers" until 7:30 am. I'll be there every morning doing the same. (The link is in every video description).
You will work on your improvement projects from 4:30 to 7:30 am, 7 days a week. Three hours a day x 7 days equals 21 hours a week. It sounds crazy at first until you say, "I can," and set your alarm clock. Then it will all start to make sense.
You’ll be tired the first 3 days, then you'll adjust, and if you can do this, it will unlock your potential. Let's reframe this for a moment. You like to go on vacation, right? So if you can throw your whole schedule out of whack for a trip to Hawaii, why can't you alter your life for a much bigger and more meaningful impact? Of course, you can!

I love a great coach, and if you're being coached to make changes but can't find the time, 4:30 Psycho solves that problem.

The attendance tracker will email you a copy of your timestamped login. Create a folder in your email platform and save all the responses to keep record of your activity.

Here's a tip…

When you start your day at 4:30, you'll go to bed early instead of wasting a couple of hours watching TV or doing something else equally as mindless before bed. I'm in my fifth year and haven't missed a day. 4:30 Psycho is the key that unlocks everything for me. Now, I use my extra 3 hours to work on weekly, monthly, and quarterly projects. That's 3 hours every morning of "leveling up." Track your progress in your business and/or personal areas of life. See the list of ideas at the bottom of this page, like mastering Canva, writing a book, or starting a business.

I used to get up at 5:30 am (most days), and just that 1 hour from switching to 4:30 am put an extra 15 full 24-hour days of valuable time back in my annual calendar.

I will be your lifelong accountability partner. Clock into our YouTube channel every morning at 4:30 am, 7 days a week. We have a simple attendance tracker, and I'll live stream myself and others sharing our projects. After 7 days of on-time attendance, you might even be asked to join me live to share your work.

Put “I can” in front of anything you used to think, “I can't,” and you mentally permit yourself into the planning stages; it's that simple. Think, “ I can’t start my day at 4:30 am,” and you will never start your day at 4:30 am. Think, “I can start my day at 4:30 am”, and you will set your alarm clock

The Daily Attendance & Progress Tracker - Install on home screen of mobile device
Open this link on your mobile device and follow the instructions. The Daily Attendance & Progress Tracker can be installed on the home screen of most mobile devices.

Commitment #2 - Clarity

Before I made 4:30 Psycho my regimen, I estimated I went out and drank once or twice a week or 75 days a year. Of course, that made it impossible to get up at 4:30 am. When I did the math on all the time I could save, not drinking was a no-brainer. Since living 4:30 Psycho, I got back 75 productive days in my calendar. My clarity also returned, so now, I get up nice and early, feeling great.

It goes deeper. Before I stopped drinking, I averaged dinner/drinks for 5 hours x 75 nights. That equaled 375 hours which converts to a full 15 days of drinking.

Half the time (37.5 times), I was out, whoever I was with, and I would stay out late and drink so much I'd be hurting for two days. When I added it all up, I couldn't believe how much time it was taking from my life that I could have used to focus on the goals I wanted to get after.
Here's some 4:30 Psycho math for you:

• 4:30 start – 15 days of morning productivity
• Stop drinking – 15 days back in the schedule
• Next mornings – 75 + 37.5 good days back 

Holy cow, I had to ask myself, are these numbers correct? Am I honestly giving myself back 142 days or 4.75 months of valuable time in my calendar?

Once I figured that out, I was on a roll and kept looking for more time to optimize. Then, I figured out that I walked to the coffee shop twice daily from my office. Each round trip was about 30 minutes, once in the morning and once mid-day. When I realized that, I just started drinking coffee at the office, giving me another 5 hours weekly.

30-minute walks x 2 a day = 1 hour x 5 days = 260 hours a year or 10.8 full days a year!

I wasn't done yet. Next, I saw that I drove to the gym five days a week, and my round trip was 30 minutes. Getting up early and quitting drinking gave me 142 days of valuable time. Those two changes gave me another 16.2 days, adding a total of 158.2 days of valuable time back to my calendar. When I stopped going to the gym, I just worked out at home, but now I'm back and only stopped in the beginning because I needed every minute of every day.

158.2 days is 5.27 months. Quitting drinking was the catalyst that gave me back a lot of time and the clarity to find even more. This is why it's incorporated into 4:30 Psycho—so you can find the time and clarity you need to change your life, too.

Life is made up of choices. Connected choices become habits. Subconscious habits are the most comfortable and can keep you stuck without realizing it. I permitted myself to implement this significant change, and 4:30 Psycho will help you do the same. 

The 4:30 Psycho Challenge is the bridge from motivation to implementation, time reallocation, backfilled with all the essential areas in life you've wanted to level up.

4:30 Psycho Workbook 
track your progress
You will make better decisions by tracking your habits and clearly understand why you did or didn't get results. Track your progress with the online attendance and progress tracker and either the free download or the workbook on Amazon.

Commitment #3 - Diet

In brief: Eat less than 2000 calories a day, drink 8 glasses of water, and don’t eat sugar. Eat smart, and you will lose weight, feel great, and look good.

The commitment to your diet just makes sense. You can’t work on one area of your life and expect the others to be unaffected. More likely, they’ll suffer in some way. I couldn’t quit drinking and pretend that alone would do the trick. Yes, I gained back the clarity and all those lost hours, but was it worth it if I was dragging around the house feeling like crap?

These commitments feed into each other, and there’s an old saying by Martha Beck that goes, “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” If you just focus on changing a single habit, you are far more likely to fail. That’s because your other habits will pull on you. They’ll give you resistance. You need to give yourself the greatest shot at succeeding. So let’s talk about your diet.

People complicate eating right. They think they have to jump on the next fad diet and do all this work. Do you want to count calories? Do you want to go out and buy a bunch of food that’ll go to waste because you’ve started a program that isn’t sustainable? You don’t have to do any of that.

When I talk about changing up your diet, keep it simple.

Eat a max of 2000 calories a day, stop eating sugar (read labels to pick the right foods), and down a ton of water. Don’t overthink anything here. If you eat sugary cereal, for example, have a few eggs. If you use flavored creamer in your coffee, try almond or cashew milk. Aim to drink at least half a gallon of water a day. You will be amazed at the difference in your skin and how you feel overall. We all know that gluten, dairy, and sugar mess up your body, and if you eat them every day, you’re going to feel it. So stop eating those things. I told you we were keeping this easy.

The goal is to try as hard as you can. Don’t allow yourself any excuses. You got this.

A spacecraft leaving the surface of Earth needs to reach 7 miles per second, or around 25,000 miles per hour, to achieve escape velocity, and 4:30 Psycho will be used to break free from the powerful forces that have been holding you down your whole life.

Commitment #4 - Fitness

At the core of everything is feeling good. This state of mind will build your confidence more than anything else. Whether you walk, run, crawl, work out, or jazzercize, it doesn't matter what you do but do something 30 minutes every day to make this daily commitment.

Just like your diet, don't obsess here. The idea is to build a little muscle, strength, and tone. But the bigger idea is to build a habit. You can say the same thing about your diet. You need to get used to taking care of yourself so that when you're older, you'll be able to take care of yourself. You want to be proactive here. Don't wait until you're pushing that boulder up the hill. Get in front of it. Control it. 

You probably have all sorts of thoughts on exercising, but let me help you out with a few ideas. 

Ride a bike. It's low impact, and you can use a mountain bike or road bike. I enjoy mountain biking in the woods and getting away from the city.

Take your dog for a walk—or your cat (I don't judge). Bonus to your pup for getting out there and burning off energy, and you for spending quality time while you get your cardio in. 

Go swimming. It's one of the best exercises out there for you. You're working out even though you don't feel like it. 

Watch a yoga class on YouTube. There are so many coaches teaching nowadays, and their videos and demonstrations are available everywhere. 

I could go on and on, but find what you like and do it daily. After a while, I swear you will want to do it. 

Get ideas for 4:30 am projects and join the crowd
Over time, we will build a video library of ideas, tips, and thoughts on all eight commitments from Ron and guests.

When you accept the 4:30 Psycho Challenge, you quickly learn to perform at the highest levels of life; you must embrace the transformative power that suffering unlocks. I call it PainFuel, which is the power to transmute pain into motivation.

Commitment #5 - Family, Friends & Community

Work on life-changing projects from 4:30 to 7:30 am every day, so you can hang out with your family, friends & community in the evenings and on the weekends.

It doesn’t matter that we are busier than we have ever been in the history of time—or that people can get to us literally at any hour of the day through multiple channels. Our family, friends & community should never suffer neglect because we don’t have the self-control to direct where we put our attention or don’t block time with them daily.

I get it. It can seem like every issue that pops up is so important and must be handled at that very moment. But that’s actually not the most critical part of your day. That spouse or significant other over there missing you is. Your children wondering when you will play with them is. Excuses get old after a while, and maybe you get what I mean. If you do, it’s only more reinforcement that you need to make time for the people you love the most now.

This commitment is easy. You will make 3 calls a night or 90 calls across 30 days. Each day, you are going to call 3 important people in your life that you should nurture your relationship with. On each of those calls, you are going to invite them to coffee, lunch, or dinner, to take a bike ride, walk, or hang out in the evening.

The goal is to strengthen your relationships with the important people around you in hopes that when you are not around, you will be described as a person who cares.

We are proud of what we stand for
My commitment is to give you a proven lifestyle framework to help you perform in most of the essential parts of life. I will work hard and be there for you every morning as your accountability partner to get your day started. We will work hard to share ideas via YouTube and social media to help you complete this 30-day challenge. We are proud of what we stand for and hope the merchandise brings us closer together with the common interest of wanting to succeed in all areas of our lives. Fifteen percent of profits for our merchandise goes to St. Francis Neighborhood Center in West Baltimore.

Even if you can't complete this challenge, the reward of a taste of accountability, consistency and commitment will be finding your true self, discovering your talents, and strengthening your character.

Join The 4:30 Psycho Community
SHARING IDEAS, opinions, and Connecting
This is going to be a small private Facebook group sharing big ideas. To qualify to join our group, you must log in to the attendance tracker at least 2 days in a row before 4:30 am.  There will be no value in the group if we let anyone in. After 2 days of logging attendance by 4:30 am, we will accept your membership request. 

Complete the challenge, and you will achieve more success, better clarity, excellent health, and improved relationships with friends, family, and the community.

Commitment #6 - Sleep

You need to rest and recover every night. Part of getting up early is going to bed early. Being up and working at 4:30 am will make you tired around 8:00 to 9:30 pm. You have to go to bed in this window to complete this challenge.

As I was building out this challenge, I had to consider all the pieces I wanted in it and why. 

I think you'll agree with me that our sleep suffers more than any other aspect of our lives. We are so quick to sacrifice it and live with bad sleep—usually because we are trying to jam more into our days. Got a deadline? No worries, just give up a few hours of REM and get the damn project done. What about everything else that adds up in your life that robs you of your sleep—the nameless errands you run every day and week? The people who ask you for favors, and you say yes? All the holidays you just about kill yourself trying to make perfect? 

Learn to say no to some of this extra stuff. Practice telling people you can't do everything. You can always push out dates, too. We don't feel like we can, but we really can. I promise. 

You need sleep to heal your cells and inflammation, give you clarity, sharpen your memory and focus and fight off disease and germs. 

If you can't sleep well, try a meditation app, read before bed, turn off your electronics, and teach yourself to be alone with your thoughts. Take a melatonin if you need to. But the bigger picture here is that you are rewiring your circadian rhythm. Sure, the first day you wake at 4:30 am, you're gonna feel it. But that's the idea. By the time you go to bed, you will be so happy to be there that you should sleep like the dead. You know the sleep I'm talking about—the dreamless, black blanket dropping over you? Yeah, that's the one. That's what awaits you when you live this challenge. So even if you have to fight through that first day (and you will), stay awake until bedtime. That's when you get your reward. The next day? That will only be a million times better. 

Commitment #7 - Scarcity

I want you to refrain from posting your daily 4:30 Psycho routine on social media. We want those around you to notice you change into a new person without you giving them the play-by-play. Being humble is just a better way. I've gone live on YouTube everyday of 2023 at 4:30am and you never saw me share it once.

Sure, it flies in the face of what everyone wants lately. Now, people are slaves to their computers and how many likes and comments they get. We can take action for the wrong reasons because we want attention. We want validation and accolades for living well and making good decisions. 

It's like going back in time to when we did things for the right reasons—to help, to make life easier for other people, and to serve as examples of how we should be living. What would it feel like to do something without expecting anything in return? Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Committing to scarcity in this area of your life is living the right way even when no one is looking. Because you are living for yourself and the way you have always wanted to. 

Rejecting what other people are doing might be challenging, but getting your head right and staying on the right path is yet another reward waiting for you with the 4:30 Psycho Challenge. 

Clamoring for attention through social media and comparing ourselves to other people tends to make our lives look worse than they are. We can fall into the trap of comparing every moment of our lives with the highlight reel of someone else's. When you read it that way, you know that's not fair to you. Seeking attention, or even just wanting attention for doing what you know you should, is not the way you want to live. I don't know anyone doing this who is happier. Even the so-called influencers who look like they're living a dream life are in the trap—they have to beat themselves at their own game every day. They have to wait for the acceptance and love that really doesn't have much meaning anyway. 

When you change what you're doing here, you won't want to go back. You won't be hungry to check your socials or let people know what you're up to. Now, don't get it twisted; share your achievements to inspire other people, but don't climb on the pedestal and beat your own chest. Remember the people helping you. Lift them up. 

4:30 Psycho is your moonshot; let's take it!

Commitment #8 - Repeat

When you initially say "I can" to these commitments, you'll realize you can do this. 

At first, it might not "feel" good, but remember that successful people do things every day that don't feel good. That’s why they are successful. Their feelings don't make their decisions. Getting to success is boring, and you have to accept that. 

So many times, we stop ourselves from moving forward by getting lost in our emotions. And not that feeling things is wrong. We want to acknowledge our feelings, but we don't want to let them stop us.

"Boring" is included in those emotions, by the way. Building a business and embarking on a new way to live isn't always exciting. But growth is found in being boring. It's found when you put your head down and, without any fanfare, keep working. Haven't you had enough of wanting more? So many of us feel that way but never do anything about it. I was sick of myself and my habits. If I can do this, I know you can do it, too. The little steps are actually the big ones. They lead to your whole life becoming an unrecognizable routine filled with habits that make you feel better and proud of yourself. Once you tap into the formula, you will want to share it with others. That's what 4:30 Psycho will do for you. Give yourself time, grace, and no excuses.

That's enough talk. It's time to get to work. 

Repeat these commitments every day, and in 30 days, you will be a new person, guaranteed. See you at 4:30 am, you Psycho. (Hey, I've been called a lot worse!)

8 Commitments for the 4:30 Psycho Challenge

  • 4:30 am: Each morning, clock into our attendance tracker at YouTube.com/@430psycho by 4:30 am and work on weekly and monthly "life changers" until 7:30 am. 
  • Clarity: No alcohol
  • Diet: Eat less than 2,000 calories a day, drink 8 glasses of water, and don’t eat sugar.
  • Fitness: One 30-minute workout. Walk, run, exercise, whatever gets your body moving and pushes your fitness limits.
  • Family Freinds, & Community: Make 3 calls a day and nuture your relationships.
  • ​​Sleep: Bedtime is 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm—max every night.
  • Scarcity: Let your social circle notice your improvements without smothering social media with how you are doing it. Share a #430psycho tag here and there so we can watch.
  • ​Repeat. Do this every day for 30 days.
This 4:30 Psycho Challenge will optimize and reallocate your time. It gives you 3 hours of uninterrupted time before your day starts, or 21 hours a week, that will change your life, guaranteed. In 4 years, I haven't missed a day of getting up and being at my computer ready to hit it at 4:30. Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing.
We will be forever grateful if you can give us a great review on Amazon!
please & thank you!
My goal is to help you reach new levels of success and perform in every important part of your life! If you have found this helpful and can give us a great review on Amazon, that would be AMAZING! 

Commitment #1 - "Life Changer" or Moonshot Ideas

"Life Changer" Ideas

You have an extra 3 hours a day, or 21 hours a week, or 90 hours a month total during the 30-day challenge.

You can mix up how you use your 3 hours daily. We can move mountains when we time block our time.

Some project suggestions:

• The work you did in the evenings and stole time from your family, friends, fitness, and community work.
• Anything you have been wanting to accomplish but couldn't find the time.
• If you have a coach, use this time to implement what they are coaching you.
• Build a new website or landing pages for your business.
• Learn, and setup your Google Local Services account for your business.
• Study for a degree necessary for a line of work you love.
• Use some of this morning time for fitness (gym, walk, jog, etc.) and add it to your daily 30-minute commitment.
• Learn how to edit video and launch a YouTube channel.
• Read 3 leadership or applicable business books a week.
• Start a new business.
• Fix an existing business.
• Implement and learn an accounting system for a business.
• If you're in sales, do any and all of your admin duties so you can crush it every day.
• Become a Photoshop, Excel, or Adobe premier expert and upgrade your marketing efforts.
• Study public speaking or take how-to-write-a-book courses.
• Read 2 relationships books every week until you can fix what you broke.
• Learn to be an amazing cook.
• Go to flight school and do all of your ground school study during this time.
• Study for a professional license.
• Learn a new language.
• Work on a Google Career Certificate.
• Learn search engine optimization (SEO) on Google and YouTube.
• Write an operational manual.
• Write a book.
• Create a blog, write a meaningful blog post 3 days a week (SEO considerations).
• Read 3-4 books in one week.

I've used my three hours each morning to write books, study & implement SEO, educate myself on Google and Facebook pay-per-click ads, learn Canva, set up new accounting software, read 30 different books, take numerous online courses, implement new software, and so much more.

The challenge gives you quiet time daily, and you decide how to use it. With this extra time, you can get to the next level of anything, like your job skills, business structure, or a relationship. The 4:30 Psycho Challenge allows you to fit the work into your schedule without disrupting your day job or classes, leaving plenty of time for family, health, friends, rest, and giving back to the community.

Q: Is 4:30 Psycho free?
ANS: It is 100% Free. The daily accountability calls, the attendance trackers, and the downloadable workbook are all free. 

Q: When is the best time to start? 
ANS: Tomorrow morning. Set your alarm clock for 4:15 am, get up, make some coffee, sit at your computer by 4:30 am and log your attendance on our YouTube channel.

Q: How do I get into the Private Facebook Group? 
ANS: This will be a small private Facebook group sharing big ideas. To qualify to join our group, you must log in to the attendance tracker at least two days in a row before 4:30 am. After two days of logging attendance by 4:30 am, join us as we share projects, fundraising, and diet tips. 

Q: Do I have to do the 4:30 to 7:30 am daily?
ANS: Yes.

Q: Do I have to stop drinking for the whole 30 days?
ANS: Yes, you do. If you can't just stop, that is an excellent trigger to seek help. Living sober is a fantastic way of living, which is hard to believe when you drink regularly.

Q: Do I have to log my attendance daily?
ANS: The only way we can hold you accountable to be at your computer ready to work at 4:30 am, is if you log your attendance. It takes 10 seconds.

Q: Can I keep going after 30 days?
ANS: I'm into my 5th year of living 4:30 Psycho and will never change.









Scarcity & Repeat

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